Saturday, February 25, 2012

The power of love

"The World has more than enough resources to help resolve every problem that is a disgrace to the Human race. Unfortunately, there is not enough love amongst people across the world to instigate positive changes."

The absence of love amongst people creates a dangerous environment prone to chaos. Why is it that some of the richest countries in natural resources and raw materials are technically the poorest countries in the World? Why are there civil wars, famine, poverty, etc. in this World? Because people don't love one another and choose to loathe one another instead. Every great spiritual leader that walked the face of this earth taught and inspired people to love one another. My beloved Lord Jesus-Christ taught nothing else but love, the prophet Mohammed also taught nothing else love, etc.  You and I can begin to heal the World if we start by loving our neighbor.

I believe in you!


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