Saturday, January 21, 2012

A greater comeback

"Never spend valuable time and energy on regretting what you could have done; spend valuable time and energy on figuring out what you can do now."

If you blew up a few chances or let a lot of opportunities pass you by in the past, don't dwell upon them in the present by turning your life into a self-pity party full of regrets. As long as you are still alive, chances and all sorts of opportunities will pay a visit to your life every now and then. It is always up to you alone to make yourself aware enough in order to seize them with both hands. Honestly, I don't believe in the phrases "This is your last chance, that was your last chance, or this will be your last chance." In truth, you can always turn things around by vowing to yourself that you will no longer blow up your chances or let any opportunities pass you by.

I know that you can do it that's why I believe in you!


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