Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Action plan

" There is no creation without action because action is the essence of creation."

You can create the future or the life that you earnestly want by taking the proper course of action. In order to get whatever you want in life, I encourage you to devise a concrete plan of action, take the necessary steps to execute your plan, exercise patience, stay positive and hopeful, believe, refrain from procrastinating and take action.
I always wanted to become a counselor within sight of helping people resolve their problems. Thus, I had to go back to University to make this want become a reality. I then took the following steps: I found an online accredited University, got into contact with the student adviser, took an English test since it's not my first language, enrolled, applied for a student loan, and began my studies. I have been studying Psychology for almost 2 years; I am confident that I will become a counselor because I have taken the proper course of action to attain my goal.

What is your story? What course of action did you take to get what you wanted? How did you attain your goal? You are more than welcome to share your story on this page because it might inspire somebody else.

I believe in you!


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